Make brave use text when mouse hovers over taskbar icon

I am running windows 10. I keep my taskbar vertical along the right edge of the screen. When there are only a few browser windows open and minimized, when I hover over the brave icon in the taskbar brave shows them as icons with a small amount of text. As I have more and more browser windows open the icons get smaller and smaller until about the only thing available is the X to delete the window. I’ve accidently killed off windows of tabs that way with no way to bring them back (at least ctrl-shift-T doesn’t seem to).

I accidently found that if I have more than 16 windows open brave gives up on that strategy and just lists the full text of the menu title for each open window. Lovely! Is there any way to force this behavior without having 17+ windows open? I’m currently getting around it by just opening a bunch of windows with nothing but an empty tab to get to the magic number but that is rather klutzy. Of course this could be a windows thing not a brave thing, but I’m hoping… Thanks!

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