Why the brave reward's amount different for everyone?

hlw sir @steeven @Mattches and other developer,
i am using brave 5 months, i notice that the amount of brave ads and reward is decreases in every month , , sometime receive ads but no reward credit in reward section , now the day its very heard to collect 1 bat in a month , i use brave in 4 device defferent device . every device has same problem . every device has high ads but low Bat.

i also get 0.005 bat for per sponsor image , while i see in brave community many people post they get 0.01 bat for per image, what is this?
i also not get pay for view image everytime,

before i get 0.025 bat for per ads view , now it decrease 0.002-0.005 bat . how funny .

i want to submit my screen shot ,
where i just get only near 0.970 Bat for 165 ads.
but many people get more Bat in low ads

how is it possible? why the amount has huge deferent like this?

i think its a big issue for every brave user , its a big issue.
i request you to fixed this issue as soon as possible .
thank you,
here is the screen shot of mine
its my brave ads and reward screen shot

Screenshot (20)

I think you are looking at old threads, there are very few – and I absolutely mean it – ads campaigns that still pay that amount.

in my catalog there is one of these campaigns but I have never gotten one of his ads --since the bat reduction.

also ad value varies according to region, but I think currently the majority of ad campaigns are paying very low. And another thing that you may be overlooking is that the other users you are comparing yourself to may have remaining Bat from previous payments.


Dunno about you but Canadian region is still paying that and worse https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

sory vro i didnot know that, actually financial problem

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@Arloani no problem dude, I know there a lot of things happening but I believe the brave team can solve it, the thing is we need to have a lot of patience :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: