Very low BAT in every single ad

i recently reinstall my window and downloaded brave browser again, I lost my all pending earning which is no issue because i forgot to take backup but the real problem is after setting up brave again I’m not receiving enough BAT token now. After new installation i received 43 ads but for every add i rewarded only 0.0177 BAT but in past i received 3 BAT just in 30 Ads.
I don’t know what is this issue and how to resolve it. Please help.

There is no problem. The reward per ad depends on the advertisers and the value they perceive they are receiving from the ads. It does NOT depend on the Brave devs. The “solution” is for more people to buy stuff that they see in the ads, to encourage the advertisers to increase the number of ads they buy and for them to be willing to pay more per ad.

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