Why Shift + H key sends me to the home page? is it only me experiencing this?

Since this week every time when I press Shift key + H it sends me to the home page
EVEN when I’m typing something on a textbox.

I’m not even writing this on Brave because I’m afraid I’ll just lose what I wrote and sent to the home page every time when I want to type uppercase H.

I’m curious if anyone is having the same issue.
Also if there is any solution to this since there is no way to edit the base browser keyboard shortcuts rather than extensions shortcuts.

@diskgunn there’s no default shortcut for Shift + H that I’m aware of and can’t replicate what you’re saying. You could go look through brave://settings/system/shortcuts (which is SettingsSystemShortcuts) to see if you have anything set with those commands and to edit or remove them.