Why mt bat is decreasing

my brave reward are decreasing

I also noticed that my brave rewards is decreasing and get little or nothing out of the ads that I get using the browser frequently

BAT is decreasing or BAT value in $ USD decreasing ???

I am missing 0.300 BAT since yesterday

Please don’t twist the question. He said clearly my brave rewards is decreasing not BAT or BAT VALUE in usd. And I noticed that with mine too. I don’t think I get the actual rewards I deserve using the browser and now my rewards are reduced.

Same here, I lost 0.300bat from yesterday

anybody help us with the decreasing brave awards?

@Enyinnaya I wouldn’t replied you I was question to Ashuj

my brave reward are decreasing 2 days ago i have more then 3 bat now i have almost 2 bat

My bat is not ADDING and I’m still getting ads. Kindly look into this please. It’s annoying.

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Same for me my bat are missing

Still no answer to this question? Someone should please respond to the question. Thanks

looks like brave doesnt care about its users and what issues they are experiencing. this is really bad that they dont give a F about their users.

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Your Right Thry Dosent Care about Us

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