Why isnt Goggle not more promoted?

why isnt the Goggle option not more promoted?
It’s extremely powerful and imho as powerful as adblockers.

It’s also possible to use it as a standard search-engine but I havent seen it promoted/explained (prominently?) in the faq, etc

After some experimenting I made this file,
Basically filtering out big news-sites, Facebook, Twitter, and several other huge sites like Amazon, MSN, etc, etc.
(extremely basic with one function but works extremely well :smile:)

After some reading and experimenting I found out I could make it as a homepage to load directly the filter;

After some more experimenting :smile:
I found out you can directly add it as a search engine after altering the search,

Imho it makes it easier to switch and use search.brave.com as a primary search-engine and use the adress bar for search terms
and if you explain it to people, everybody likes it,

but because there isnt much info people seem reluctant.