Goggles discovery

is there any other way to discover goggles indexed, without having to add a search-term?

I am creating a post for it Aggregation of good and useful Goggles

As far as I know, they are improving it to easily find goggles. That is why I abandoned my own post.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just have a gist or a github repo to collect them? the forum post will get unwieldy

Edit: oh I didn’t see you abandoned it

They have created just what we were asking for.

If you go to Discovery page in the goggles section, it will list 8 public goggles created by brave. If you type a search query in the goggles search bar, it will bring completely new goggles independent of brave.

that was there since august already, I posted this because I wanted something without search queries, because I have no clue what to search for to discover things I might like…

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Oh got it

I just found it right now :sweat_smile:

Meaning you want a long list of goggles alphabetically (or in some other manner) arranged for you in a proper manner.

best would be to sort by popularity

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