Why is the brave android browser pinging the following 3rd Party TLD's when the browser is launched each time?

Why is the brave android browser pinging the following 3rd Party TLD’s when the browser is launched each time?

Something unusual for a privacy focused browser.

I intercepted the DNS logs (nextdns) for my second phone, a different make and model where Brave is installed. I can see brave attempting to open the same TLD’s even there, when the Brave browser is launched.

Why is Brave sending these signals to 3rd party websites which I haven’t bookmarked or use, letting them know about my online / offline activity timings?

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Are those the top sites Brave has pinned for you by any chance?


Hi @Rethanis ,

I don’t use any of those features, this is what my brave app looks like on launch, but the app is sending these 3rd party connection requests in the background by default. This is a privacy concern when using an app like brave, isn’t it ?

Can you please test your brave dns background requests logs ? Thanks

It surely is a concern. I’m asking about the top sites because there is a known issue with them.

It would be great if you could enable the top sites widget for a moment, just to check whether you’re experiencing the same issue as the one reported in the Github ticket.


Thanks @Rethanis for your time. Appreciated

I figured it out, those TLD DNS requests were initiated in the background by those icons in the Top sites widget.

I had to remove it manually.

I don’t use any of those sites, but brave was sending my online activity pings to those TLD’s without even me giving permission. What a shame and privacy breach.


You’re welcome, @bithip. I gave my thoughts in the Github ticket above, and mentioned your thread. It’s a huge pity the issue has been overlooked for almost a year, hopefully developers will finally assign an appropriate priority and commit a fix in reasonable time…


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