Why is Sync so completely useless?

I came across to Brave from Chrome, and find it lighter with better security features.

So… happy.

But sync

Ive gone from a Browser that simply requires me to log in and everything is set up exactly as I want it

To one where sync seems to not work. I have to install all my extensions manually.

Ive done the phrase input thing.

It doesnt work.

Please Brave team, any idiot (Im referring to myself here) should be able to come from a browser like Chrome and have things that should work ‘just work’.

In my experience with it, the way sync is configured in Brave is definitely not this.

Somehow its been made less likely to work than it was in Chrome (where it was a simple, reliable feature)


I’m not sure about your issue, but IMHO Brave Sync is easy to set up https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001330932-Sync