Slow and crash on Youtube and Google App with Brave

When I navigate and I use Brave for Youtube, or for Google Translate, Google Doc etc… I have slowness and sometimes even crashes of Brave. It’s only on “Google Tools”, and of course only on Brave. I am forced to use Chrome for all my activities, and it works fine on Chrome.

I tried disabling the shield and it didn’t change anything at all. It all started a few days ago.

My Brave Version is : Version 1.32.106

If anyone has the same problems as me, or has a solution, I’m here !

Try in private window mode, with no extensions. How is it crashing?

Oooh yes, they are no problem in Private Navigation, you’re right. So what do I do you think ? It comes from one of my extensions?

Just start disabling various extensions for a start, see which extension is causing it

I found it, thank you very much. The Xdefi Wallet extensions was the problem, I shared the problem with them. Thank you so much !

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