Why is Easylist Cookie List included but not I don't care about cookies?

I’ve ticked Easylist Cookie List option in adblock and I still get ALL the cookie banners everywhere. Manually added https://www.i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu/abp/ to the list and poof, all cookie banners were gone. What gives? Why is Easylist not even working and secondly, why is I don’t care about cookies not even included given it’s superior and actually works? I don’t get it.

Because Easylist Cookies works better, and defeats more anti-scroll/anti-blur/anti-overlay cookies messages. If you have websites showing cookie messages, do report.

More details here: https://github.com/easylist/easylist/tree/master/easylist_cookie

and the commits (changes/additions) https://github.com/easylist/easylist/commits/master/easylist_cookie

Doesn’t seem to be that way when I got cookie nonsense basically everywhere. With I don’t Care About Cookies, basically nowhere. And I have same experience in Firefox using AdGuard. First thing I do is tick “I don’t care about cookies” list under Annoyances. Hardly ever get any cookie banners. With anything else, bunch. Including EasyList.

Can you provide some websites with examples?

Compatibility is important, but the differences are pretty clear on https://www.gamersgate.com/ (and many other sites). We have a few sites we can’t filter, but most we can work around. lIke broken scrollbars, blurred contents.

Blurred, no scroll bar, unusable on IDCAC.