Feature Request: Add "I Don't Care About Cookies" Filter

Please add I Don’t Care About Cookies filter on the Ad Block Filter List.

It’s more effective on blocking cookie banners based on my experience on comparing Annoyance List filters versus IDCAC


No, won’t be implemented. We already have a well supported Cookie list, and includes features that IDCAC doesn’t support (like fixing broken scrollbars because of consent messages)

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Noted. May I know what’s your recommended Brave Ad Block filter(s) to enable blocking the majority of cookie banners?

And if there’s anything that wasn’t blocked. Where could I report it?

Sure, https://forums.lanik.us/

Its implemented via Easylist Cookie. If you have a few quick sites (causing issues) paste here I can take a look. Not every site can be unblocked (see theverge) for example.

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Thanks. I have enabled Easylist Cookie. I’ll monitor the result and submit reports for unblocked cookies on the forum you sent over.

This website

And this website:

And this one as well:

https://keepass.info/ => already blocked
https://account.ubisoft.com/en-US/login = > already blocked
https://www.webtoon.com => no consent message seen

Ensure you subscribe to Easylist Cookies in brave://adblock

Yes, I’m subscribed :slight_smile:

For Webtoon:

The selector code for the banner:
body > div.gdpr_ly_cookie._gdprCookieBanner.on

For Keepass

Selector Code:

In action:

try enabling brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cosmetic-filtering-native restart browser, an ensure ads/trackers = aggressive

I enabled the flag, but the cookie banner still appears in Keepass.info.

Works for me. Showing me disabling and enabling Cookie list

Sadly, it seems it doesn’t really work for me even after enabling the filter and the flag.

I guess I’ll stick using IDCAC as an alternative for now.

Ah, I see the difference between the screenshot.

My Trackers & ads blocking is on Standard mode. After enabling the flag and the filter + changing the Trackers & ads blocking to aggressive. It finally blocked the cookie banner

However, this implementation is overkill just to be able to remove the cookies banners whereas just simply installing IDCAC solves the issue with Brave on standard / default settings.

You’re free in install any extensions here, but this is built in for all users who don’t need the extension. We can combat breakages in scrollbar locks, which IDCAC can’t.


Understood. Perhaps, we can focus on improving the standard setup without needing to enable the flag and only requires enabling the Easylist-Cookie List - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices filter.

I think this is the best possible step moving forward for the benefit of regular Brave users.

For now, I guess this IDCAC list request is a no implement for now since improving Easylist Cookie List with Brave is a better choice.