Block cookie banners

Hello dear lion friends and devs,
I have a feature request.
I would like Brave to block cookie banners and/or warnings. This because many websites are not well optimized and when banners pop-up, the cover almost all the screen.

For example, I’ve successfully installed "I don’t care about cookies extension, downloading it from Google Chrome extension, on Kiwi browser and it works great.
Even though I really love Brave and would like to keep using it, without annoying cookie warning that appear alla over my screen.

Thanks. :heart::cookie::lion:

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Noted :slight_smile:


I strongly support this feature request which is quite urgent for Android.
Cookie consent banners / pop-ups are the new scourge of the internet, as were ads before adblockers. Especially on phones where it takes the entire screen and completely ruins the browsing experience as it has to be dealt with again and again on all websites.

Here’s a new fight for Brave to help users get rid of this new obtrusive disturbance.


If you go to brave://adblock and Add Easylist Cookie List It’ll partially work, cosmetic filter on some sites will still show Cookie mesages still (it is a work in progress).


Thanks, the solution might indeed be something like this !

However, I could only find the Easylist-Cookie List - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices on the desktop version of Brave (1.8.90) and nothing comparable on the Android version (1.5.131)… Is it just a matter of time for it to arrive ? Would there be a workaround in the meantime ? Duplicate all the easylist file in the custom filters at the bottom ?

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Agree with this topic. We really need this option.
Those banners are so annoying.


note, brave://adblock on android, has a option for Easylist-Cookie List. which will limit the cookie messages


What about implementation in Brave for iOS?

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iOS is a little more difficult, without css cosmetic filtering. Filtering cookie messages wouldn’t work in iOS. Work is on its way to make cosmetic filter on Android soon-ish.

Related tickets to follow:


Thanks for your reply.

The GitHub tickets are very old though. I cannot see any real progress there.
Cookie banner filtering is however possible on iOS because there are a lot of other browsers and apps on the market which do exactly that.

Right now I’m using a browser which does filter most cookie banners after I applied the appropriate Easy List. Even Safari won’t show cookie banners anymore when using an app like AdGuard.

Or in short: Other browsers can filter cookie banners without problems.

I totally agree with Brave_user. The Easylist-Cookie List is ineffective: most websites show the cookie notices anyway. Please note that I am often in the EU, where there are many more obnoxious cookie notices than in the US or Australia, for legal reasons. I also talked about this issue here: Implementation of "I don't care about cookies" not working Anyway, yesterday I unchecked Easylist-Cookie List on brave://adblock and downloaded the latest version of I don't care about cookies, which is working perfectly with Brave (on Windows). Sadly, I can’t add that extension to Brave for Android instead, so I removed Brave for Android and installed Kiwi + I don't care about cookies (+ uBlock Origin). When Brave for Android supports Chrome extensions, I will be happy to reinstall it.


Big push on this request. I VPN out of Europe always on my phone even if it slows everything anf messes up my location tracking just to not have to deal with accepting cookie policy.

Big old bump. I’d really like this in Brave instead of having to switch to another browser.

The months and years go by, yet no response about this topic. These popups are a horrible user experience, and the ability to block them would greatly improve the usability of Brave on mobile.

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Sad to say, but some time after opening this 3d, I moved to kiwi browser. Still chromium based + any extension will work.

just add Easylist Cookie in brave://adblock (test with ads/trackers = Aggressive). We’re still working in including Cookie message blocking.

It might work for android but not for iOS. I have not used brave browser for almost 2 years now. On iOS I use Safari with all the plug-ins that I need. Safari is supporting plug-ins and I can choose from a white variety of them.

Brave development especially for iOS has been slow to nonexistent. I don’t see any advantage for using Brave on iOS. Brave for me is now nothing more than a fancy and nerdy crypto gadget.

It’s a sad development. But it is something that the Brave management and developers want. So be it. Good riddance Brave. You have made yourself obsolete.

actually, @fanboynz suggestion is working most of the time, been using that for quite some time now, but I also have Ublock Origin installed just in case (in desktop)…

IOS blocking is a bit limited currently, but there is plans to have cookie message blocking in IOS, which I’ll manage.

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There have been plans for iOS for years but Brave developers never ever delivered. Brave management and developers decided to make Brave a crypto gadget and not a browser. I have to accept it. But I would really appreciate you wouldn’t sugarcoating it all the time. Just admit that Brave is not browser but a crypto toy. That would be honest. That would be true. But giving the illusion that Brave is somehow a browser for the mass market is just laughable.