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This is not an important regard, thus posted in here, but rather a technical question I can’t wrap my head around myself…
On most websites I have to chose specific cookie settings (just functional or recommended which almost always inclued everything) - I was wondering if this even makes a difference when I have the website-specific (don’t know what this is called in English) cookies deactivated?! I was wondering whether this feature would block all those cookies anyway and whether I could just click “accept all” everytime and have the same amount of privacy in that case because this would be less effort.

Thanks in advance!

You could enable Easylist Cookie via brave://adblock if you dislike cookie messages @Henrik13371 (I’m guessing this is what you’re refering too)

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Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:
Actually I don’t really mind these pop-ups but I might try your recommendation so thank you!
I was mainly curious if it would even make a difference between “accept all cookies” or “only relevant cookies” since I have the cookies blocked in Brave anyway meaning that if I’d accept all they might still get blocked by Brave in the end, thus making no difference?! Does this work like that?

Which option shows “only relevant cookies” ? From brave://settings/cookies Either we allow all cookies, block third-party, or block all cookies.

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It shows “block third-party” :thinking:

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