Lock cookie banners

I wonder why nobody has requested this before (at least my search did not result in any similar topics):

The shield feature of Brave should be amended by a function to block those annoying cookie banners (most commonly seen on EU based websites). Almost every website has them and these banners overlap a considerable amount of the website especially on smartphones with smaller screens.

Most adblocking extensions have this feature and I wonder why Brave has not yet imolemented something similar.

Yeah we are aware of it, we’re investigating options.

Currently on ticket: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/5318

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Android seems to not yet have this feature implemented. I want to request cookie banner blocking also for iOS. Maybe this can be added to the feature request.

@Brave_user it is now implemented in brave://adblock , we’re just waiting on cosmetic filtering now

@fanboynz Sounds great. Will it work in Android and iOS?

You can subscribe to Easylist Cookie in Android, it’ll get rid of some cookie messages, but not all. (due to cosmetics not rolled out)

@fanboynz Great! Let’s wait for the cosmetics then. But what is about iOS?

Same cosmetics issues regarding IOS, though there are more limitations/issues regarding IOS than Android. (So it could be a while)

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Are there any news here about cookie banner filtering?

As an iOS user I have not been using Brave for almost two months since sync was not implemented. Just yesterday an update was released and sync is back.

But in the last two months I have been using another browser which allowed to import any EasyList or Adblock list available. And honestly I will not go back to surfing the Internet with cookie banners popping up on each and every website. No way.

So please implement third party block lists and especially cookie banner lists. Even the iOS built-in Safari will block all kinds of ads and of course cookie banners with a third party app like AdGuard. And believe me it works absolutely smoothly.

So Brave has no unique characteristic anymore. Why should I continue to use Brave? I really would like to use it and continue to do so but Brave has to adapt - fast.

When we implement cosmetic filtering in ios, then it’ll cover ads and optionally cookie banners. I’m not aware of other browsers block these by default.

The question is not whether or not other browser will block cookie banners by default. But they can certainly block those banners.

iCab browser for iOS and Mac. One of the oldest browsers on the market targeting especially Mac and iOS users. A few clicks and the browser can import any EasyList or Adblock list. And it will block cookie banners.

Or sticking with Safari: Install a third party app like AdGuard. A few clicks and the iOS built-in Safari browser will block ads and cookie banners.

And these are only two examples. Brave is advertised as a browser with its main focus on ad blocking and privacy. But it still has no configurable blocking list that might include cookie banner blocking.

I am aware of the two GitHub issues. But as far as I can tell nothing has happened in a long time regarding cosmetic filtering.

Since I was forced to use other browsers than Brave for some time (because there was no sync anymore) I have seen how easy configurable and well working other browsers are when it comes to ad blocking including cosmetic filtering. And I am really worried that Brave has lost some considerable ground here. And I do not see any major improvement in this regard in Brave.

The major selling point for Brave is its privacy and ad blocking feature. But as I have seen in the past couple of months other browsers can do that just as good and in many cases even much better than Brave. So for me as a user the question remains why I should use Brave.

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