Why is Brave suspending all the top creators and why are top creators are stop using the content creating service?

Hi guys I wanted to know why is brave suspending all the top creators and why all the top creators have stopped using Brave because Im starting to think its a mickey mouse service that doesn’t do what they say and I feel there’s a bit more behind it that meets the eye and it looks like brave doesn’t seem to care about its creators especially the most profitable ones.

I noticed that some big creators that are in supported regions no longer have the blue tick and some have become suspended and made videos about it or posted it in on forums and comments, why does Brave do that and why does brave seem not to care? I thought they knew that big content creators were going to join the platform and I thought that they are an alternative method for people to support channels which is a great concept, but, big names dont seem to be too happy about Brave. also if tips do become worth while peoples accounts get suspended and thats bound to happen to popular people, so whats the point and why does brave offer such small gains for big names?Ive heard that big names get a few dollars in tips on youtube and when there channels tips grow they get banned, like seriously?

all of my favourite podcasts and shows on youtube are no longer using brave because their accounts have been suspended or they closed the account and Brave doesnt seem to care ,please tell me why they offer such a tiny service like the tip amounts being so small and when your channel grows in tips they suspend your account coz nobody at brave seems to care, there are serious names out there who have 100 000 + subscriber plaques from youtube and these people are getting suspended from brave I mean seriously ?is brave bigger than youtube and twitch etc?so please tell me whats the point, who is braves demographics for content creators coz it looks like if you make over 100 dollars as a creator in tips you get banned so whats really up, besides, brave had a scandal in 2018 where Brave was taking peoples tips and sending it to themselves (brave software technologies) after it got publicity they stopped, but here are a list of big Youtube names who have been suspended and/or who are not using the service anymore because theyve become too successful and tell me for yourself, whats going on?

Million Dollars Worth Of Game(Hosted by Walo and Gillie the kid who wrote for Young Money a record label that has LIL wayne): they recently had Kevin heart on there and had 1.6 million views on that video alone other guests include Young Thug a platinum selling artist.

Pour Minds: a podcast with more than 103 000 subscribers with 20k views on average who do shows in real life around the USA

to name a few

Joe Rogan: I don’t think I need to say who that is

50 cent: Platinum selling artist

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