Being a creator I got tips and brave suspended my account

Dear Brave Support Team,

I am reaching out to request the unsuspension of my Brave Rewards account. To address your questions:

  1. I solicited tips and contributions primarily through my YouTube channel, where I engage with my community through content creation and interaction.

  2. Regarding the security checks, I believe my account suspension may have been triggered by a sudden influx of tips from an unknown source. However, I want to emphasize that I did not engage in any activity intentionally to violate the terms of service or trigger security measures.

I rely on Brave Rewards for support from my community, and the suspension has disrupted this support channel. I respectfully request the unsuspension of my account so that I can continue engaging with my audience and receiving their contributions.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Nitin Singh

@Nitin614 Creators suspensions aren’t handled here. You need to email [email protected] with the information you provided. Then just wait for the team to review. They go through emails on Creators suspensions at least once a month.

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