Why is brave so much bloated and slow compared to other chromium browser?

See pic attached they all are running the same type and number of extensions like- tampermonkey, sponsorblock, idm, adobe pdf except ublock for edge and chrome. There is currently one tab page opened, that is default google’s homepage. Yet brave is roughly taking roughly 2.5 times the ram of chrome and 4 times of microsoft edge.
It gets way worse after opening more tabs, how come microsoft is able to actually optimize their browser better than chrome and brave fails to even match them. It becomes slower every other update, it gets bloated and bloated. It’s becoming unusable just like firefox on older hardware.
Chrome got a bad name because of its ram eating habbits, yet it still better on ram optimization than brave. Do noone in brave dev team thinks, this is a issue?

I had lot of hope from brave, i thought they are the team which actually listens to its users, but many threads about brave performance are ignored. I don’t want brave to go down firefox path, who bash users for their failures, you are better than that. Please fix it while you can, otherwise it will be another chromium fork browser no.99999999999 dead project

Version 1.26.74 Chromium: 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit)

task manager

Hey Yoshi1,

I remember seeing this post, so I decided to look for it. I’d recommend having a look at this thread, and I believe it might answer your question:

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