BAT not showing in my UPHOLD

I have BAT showing in my verified wallet but it is not showing in my Uphold account which has been verified for several months. what do i do?

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Hi @Mrslim73, can you share a screenshot of what you see?

@steeven please check my DM . please solution for my account . two month me not I did not receive the payment that came to my uphold account? WHY

The BAT is not going to my uphold account, for a long time it’s been like this. I have the latest update what happens now?

Hi @Mrslim73 - a fix for this is rolling out later today.

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So i’ll be able to withdraw once that happens?

Today BAT finally showed up in my uphold account, your fix worked, at least for me.
Thank you

Did you fix? My BAT is not showing in my Uphold account



I have the same issue. Can anyone share the solution?

My BAT wallet says Verified with Uphold account


But then when I go to my Uphold account is says that the Brave BAT balance is 0



I’m still having the same problem, is there any news on the fix rolling out?

Same problem here, a fix would be appreciated

Hi all - thanks for reporting. A fix was deployed on Friday that resolved most of the related issues. If your payment still hasn’t transferred to your Uphold please DM me a screenshot of your rewards panel and your wallet ID. Thanks in advance!

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Where do i find my wallet ID?

Can be found here - brave://rewards-internals/.

My BAT is also still in my brave publisher account but not receive in my uphold account.

@steeven please reply

Still waiting. Any response?

How comes there has been no response, i have sent my a screenshot of my rewards panel and your wallet ID and still nothing. What is going on?

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