Why haven't I received my payment yet? @steeven, Is he cheating on me?

I didn’t get the payment in October, and neither did November, he promised me it would be paid, but it’s a lie, I’m tired of waiting. I’m here asking for fairness, all I do is effort and money, but you weren’t fair to me. I don’t need a promise, I need to act now

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Oops, you were in bad mood. I can understand your situation. @steeven helped me multiple times here. Something technically went wrong and that causes delay in your rewards deposit :relieved: @steeven will help you for sure provide your synced email address with him.

Hopping soon you’ll get your rewards.

45 days passed, feeling helpless and hopeless

OMG he’s cheating on you with a new woman? :hushed:

Trying does not equal promised though…


i got clickbaited lol, i thought he cheated on a women or something but hey i feel you, if he says that they are working on it, he really mean it so please be patient.

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hope they are fair to me

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So is my payment.
I have never been paid. I have submitted my account information.
I was very sad because of the brave. i have trusted brave but now i’m seeing worse …
I also don’t know when I will receive my payment.
Money and my sweat, they are not fair to me.
I hope every day with hope, but not seeing any payments, I have spent a lot of costs


@BlattDoster50318 your payment should post today.

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