Hey steeven I did not recieve my october payments when our payment will be done?

Hey Mr. @steeven @steeven our payment problem still not solved . You said that I shared your case with brave payment team what is the result . How long other I have to wait?


@steeven I also ask the same question for when my payment

They are trying to avoid it. I am so sad

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Hi @jorgeramirez @Zarifnadem, the team is still reviewing the cause for this.

@adam99 your issue is unrelated. Please refrain from causing confusion. Thank you.

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I’m also waiting for my payment and I wrote you privately and you didn’t answer me anymore

Also waiting for my payment for the month of October and nothing seems like they are no longer going to solve us because I have days asking and I have seen several ask without a concrete answer

Hi @galtasaray263, there is an active issue that is being investigated by the payments team. I will let you know as soon as I learn more. But please know that it is being look in to.

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