Why doesn't Brave block these ads?

Hi, I wanted to ask if it is normal for Brave not to block all these ads, I thought Brave did not allow any ads

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That’s considered first party ads which is not blocked by Brave by default.

cc @fanboynz in case he have another answer


@ivox24 @eljuno You may use DuckDuckGo or Startpage search engines (both of which utilize Google search) and disable similar ads in Settings>Instant Answers/Other Instant Answers>Off.

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Thanks for the advice. But the google search engine is the best
I thought brave was literally blocking all ads

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1st party tracking and advertising via CNAME cloaking is a fairly recent development and blocking it is not easy to do. You may use µBO and add lists like Frogeye-first-party trackers, which may help.

Blocking this kind of tracking is on Brave developers’ radar but no implementation timeline yet.

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