Should DuckDuckGo & Google text ads be blocked? (“Cosmetic”?)

Hello friends,

Brave 1.15 on iOS 13.3.1

I visit this page:

Two text ads display at the top of the results. About the same is true for Google.
To verify I have blocking enabled, I visit other sites & see banner ads in Chrome that are properly blocked in Brave.

I see a thread on the issue but the linked GitHub page seems to be concerned with desktop versions of the app. Am I understanding this correctly?

Thank you team—be well!

Google ads on is considered 1st party. But Google ads on other websites is 3rd party which is blocked by Brave.

See and

Specifically from

By default Brave will not block first Party ads which are actually part of the sites you visit — only those which are embedded from other sources.on websites

As far as I’m aware of, the cosmetic filtering (you linked above) is to remove the white space that left from blocked ads. Orange arrow.

But you can try element blocking

Hey thank you very much! That makes a lot of sense.

On iOS, there is no way to block first party ads, is there?

I see element blocking is supported on desktop.

Ios cosmetic filtering isn’t available, since we’re relying on Apple/Webkit support (which is unlikely to change sadly)

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Thank you for the information. I misunderstood the cosmetic part. How about first party ads, would there ever be a setting to block those?

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