Why does the Brave browser password manager ask for Windows password?

When trying to view saved passwords in Brave Version 1.23.75 it asks for my Windows password (Win 7 Home Pro). After entering it the browser crashes and needs to be restarted. Any ideas??

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I believe it is actually a Chrome authentication check. To me it is a streamlined two factor authentication. I have my Windows set up with a pin, and the installation popup would be ideal opposed to email, text, or authenticating app necessity.

Most browsers only ask for your Windows logon password as security measure when you wish to view a password or download your entire browser password data. This a Windows security feature that’s available to all programs. Its believed that browsers make no other use of one’s Windows logon password.

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Is there anyway to disable that feature as it does nothing but crash the browser?

No. It has no disable function. It is a strong feature to protect passwords. You can change the method of protection in Windows 10 Settings. Chromium will use the method in which you log onto the PC/laptop or onto your phone.

Meaning on Windows 10, you can use Pin, Password, and its 3rd party authenticator app.

But you will be prompted to input when you view passwords–which as noted above, is the only time I ever encounter the prompt.


So how can I stop it from crashing the browser every time it ask for my Win password?

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

If you want resolution, seek those who can resolve.

Create post in Support AND Bug categories subbed to Desktop Version and furthermore, Windows OS.

Re-Create the crash.

In your taskbar search on Windows, type Event Viewer.

You want to grab the info related to the browser crash.

Since it is, I assume, a api call or some other jargon, which accesses the Win OS itself, the crash data will be present in the Event Viewer.

Here is a solid, concise Event Viewer guide

Include in your post your Brave browser version. Settings->About

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Post. Post. Escalate. Post. Demand.

No cursing.

Provide an accident report to the devs.

Go to the subReddit. Create a post.

Bi_tch with class.

It may take some time.

The reality is, you raised the issue.

Whether it continues to crash or rot in a Github repository, or the Win 10 prompt crash is correctly coded tests solely with you.

It’s the least of your worries and concerns, I’m certain. Just saying.

Good luck.

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