Why does my browser have BAT when I disconnect my Uphold wallet?

I was checking out my BAT rewards and noticed that my browser has more BAT than my Uphold wallet. For example, it would say I have 150 BAT on my browser with my wallet connected, then I go to Uphold and see that I only have 100 BAT. The 50 is missing… So I go back to the browser and disconnect my wallet and see that there is 50 BAT left. How am I suppose to get the 50 BAT to my wallet? The only option I have is to connect my Uphold wallet and each time I do that it does not move the BAT from my browser to Uphold.

Thanks for the help!

Thanks for following up. We have a permanent wallet linking fix on the way. It’s currently in Beta, and will be in Release next. This should resolve your issue, but please let me know if it does not.
Thank you!