BAT that I paid for is in one browser but not others. Cannot find in wallet

Dear Group,

It was very easy to add BAT to my browser using the “Add Funds” link within the BAT icon. I used bitcoin to buy some BAT. It showed up in my browser and now says “Your Wallet”, but the text is not a link.

Apparently I have created an Uphold wallet that is not linked to this amount and I’m completely confused about how to access the BAT outside of this browser. There are two separate issues I’m having problems with.

  1. The amount does not show up in my Uphold wallet and I cannot find a link to this version of “Your Wallet” that I see mentioned in my browser. This is very frustrating. I’m a very technical person and good at following directions, but if I have made one mistake, it seems I will never be able to find this copy of “Your Wallet”? I see no other links in the menu at all.

  2. All of my other browsers show up in the sync menu, yet there is no BAT available in any of the other browsers. Please show me a link to the documentation of how I can get the BAT to be synced. I see statements like “you can use all your browsers to get more BAT”, but other than syncing them (which I can clearly see in the sync menu) what else is there to do?

Thank you for your help.

Your brave://rewards wallet is not related to your Uphold account because it’s two different wallet.

The team is working on this feature. Once it’s available, you’ll be able to link your Uphold account to your brave://rewards wallet.

Because Brave Sync is for now only sync your bookmarks. Wallet sync is in the works.


Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Please, how do I access my “brave://rewards wallet”? Can anything be done with the BAT I put there other than donate to publishers? Can it be transferred? What is it linked to… a particular browser? You have cleared up a lot for me but I am still confused about this “rewards wallet”. Thank you.

@kimbriggsdotcom brave://rewards (you can copy paste it to address bar) is your in-browser wallet that created when you opt-in to Brave Rewards. It’s a custodian wallet for Brave on your device. If you install Brave on different device, then it’ll generate different wallet specific for that device.

The team is working on it. Will available in Release channel in a couple of weeks.

Also you may want to read more about Brave Rewards here and

Thank you for clarifying all this information!

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