Why does every window close

Hello, I have searched the settings to try and make the necessary adjustments but I cannot seem to find the setting. How come when I have multiple windows open that I am using. When I close just one because I am done with it, every single other window closes as well. At least when I re open Brave I can restore to previous pages. But why do they all close. I have missed some important things because of this and it has become intolerable. Please help

How do you close your tab?

by clicking the ex on an individual tab. also when I am on a site where I need to connect my wallet. once i type in my password on my wallet, every window closes and i have to starto ver


Getting the same issue here.

Problem becomes quite big when a popup comes out to fill in some specific information and automatically closes ALL WINDOWS once the info is selected (Salesforce.com happens to use that method for filling in certain fields). This means I have no way of actually entering the info required.
Even worse, if I try to merge the windows by getting the tabs from one and putting them under another, Brave also closes all windows.

I’m using version Version 1.31.91 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Please help

Update: situation where a website suggests to log in using Google, Facebook or else also generates a popup window. When it closes, all windows close. I am stuck as either moving forward with the login or closing the popup will close my entire Brave. Need to resort to using chrome until fixed.

Issue still happening.

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