Why do ads keep playing on youtube !?

This worked for me - Settings/Additional Settings/Privacy & Security/Site and Shield Settings/Cookies and site data
Look at the websites listed under ‘Allow’ - there were 2 youtube references in mine. I deleted both then restarted Brave and it fixed the problem. I suspect looking at ‘All sites’ section might help too.

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I’m also getting this issue windows 10 brave browser, additionally I tried wiping all history but it didn’t fix the issue and I’m starting to get ads in general on other sites.

There was a bug recently,

  1. If you update Brave Ad Block Updater in brave://components/ (Make sure you’re on Version: 1.0.551)
  2. Restart Browser, and the ads should be gone.

How would one get to brave://components/

Just paste that brave://components/ in the url (address) bar.


  1. If you update Brave Ad Block Updater in brave://components/ (Make sure you’re on Version: 1.0.551)
  2. Restart Browser, and the ads should be gone.

So I’ve tried updating through components but when I try to update anything it just gives me ‘updater starting’ for a quarter of a second and then it flashes to ‘Status - Component not updated’

I am having the same problem since today (24.04.2020).

It was working fine until then! So annoying!

I presume Brave browser got an update?

My Brave version is: [Version 1.7.98 Chromium: 81.0.4044.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Please before posting "I"m seeing ads on Youtube also…"

  1. Update Brave Ad Block Updater in brave://components/ (Make sure you’re on Version: 1.0.551) #edit (now 1.0.552) see example: https://secure.fanboy.co.nz/gif/componients.gif
    May need to press “Update” more than once, just ensure you have 1.0.552 installed.
  2. You must Restart Browser (close all Brave windows).
  3. Relaunch Brave. and it should be Ad-free.
  4. Make sure Shields, Site-trackers is enabled for Youtube

Tested on (US IP VPN needed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7z13MeifQ8 This is a “Ad supported” movie. No ads were seen.


Thanks! I have done this and so far it works! I have removed youtube from the list.

I couldn’t update that specific component - kept getting a message stating did not update however I clicked on all of them and it now works. Thank you.

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i have to install Adblocker plus :man_facepalming: to skip the youtube ads.

Here I do not see any youtube ads in videos but yesterday I could see when I search for something related to crypto or other things (not in videos, ads from google ads). Today they are not there anymore (nice!). Using version 1.7.98

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It’s just cosmetic. But happy to see video ads not showing.

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The issue still occurs intermittently with Brave Ad Block Updater Version: 1.0.555 - Brave version 1.7.98

Or use Shift + Ctrl + Delete to do the same!

For me, there were several components that did not load on installation, they had a version

I updated as many as I could, and then erase all time history and reload brave and it is working now.


I’m having a related problem. It started a few days ago. I’ve done all the above unsuccessfully.

My problem is when l open youtube I get a video add on the very top of the main page that can’t be closed or removed. I can mute it though. See attached picture please.

When l go to ‘see all cookies and site data,’ under the ‘allow’ section, this appears and cannot be removed. The delete button is there, but it doesn’t work.

embedded on www.youtube.com

Other than the aforementioned add on top of the main page, l don’t see any other adds while watching YouTube videos.

For the record, the ‘top main page add’ does not appear when l open YouTube in Chrome.

l’m on Brave Version 1.8.86 Chromium: 81.0.4044.129 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Any help would be appreciated.

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We had an instance (a Twitter discussion) where the youtube ads were showing up, possibly because of a corrupt profile. Backing up the orginal profile, and started a new Brave profile fix it for the user.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I was about to give a try to your suggestion but l checked first whether the issue was still there and as of now it’s gone, the add no longer shows on top of the YouTube main page.

Thanks in any case!

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