Why cant I view Amazon as a desktop site on mobile

For some reason when i visit amazon.co.uk on my android device I am presented with a view that is identical to the Amazon app. There is no option to resort to desktop view. When i visit ebay.co.uk there is an option to view in desktop.
This is a dealbreaker for me if i cannot fix this as I hate the dumbed down app/mobile views.
Can somebody please tell me how to get round this so I do not have to uninstall brave which I really like

Hello, this appears to be the normal behavior for the website. I have tried it using Chrome and the result is the same, it is not a problem with the Brave browser.

@beingthere this setting?

Hi there
Thanks for your reply.
That is how i manage to view eBay in desktop on brave. However the problem With Amazon is that it is showing me the mobile app version which means there is no black bar at the bottom and therefore no 3 dots to click on and no other means of entering Brave preferences at all. This is why i despise web versions or app versions of websites as they all appear dumbed down for numpties. Thanks for your reply though.

This garbage is what i see

Hi there. That is the reason that i uninstalled chrome. Firefox displays the Amazon desktop site perfectly but i want to replace that as it is a flakey mobile browser in many other areas.

@beingthere Hello, The photo you posted, is it from the website or the installed amazon application? I ask since I can not distinguish if it is the website or the mobile application

I will try to help you as much as possible, greetings!

Cosmetic filtering is coming for Android, it should limit some of these Amazon Ads @anon83185095

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