Why can't I save a web page to two different folders in the Brave browser?

I’m not able to save any web page to 2 or more separate folders; Is there any way to accomplish this? Ultimately the web page is saved to the last folder I save it to. This issue can be reproduced by actually trying to save something to more than one place. Thank you.

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Hi Sal,

Do you mean download when you say “Save”? You should be able to select where you like to save.
hope this works out for you. Or it the issue something entirely different.


I’m not referring to saving a file; I’m talking about “Bookmarking a web page” to two different folders.

I apologize but I’m not entirely sure I understand what your issue is?
If you bookmark a website, you’ll save it to a folder. If you visit that folder (Settings --> Bookmarks) you can copy/paste the same site into a different/new folder. Or, you can go to Settings --> Bookmarks and go to the “more options” menu on the top right of the page, then Add new bookmark to add the site manually.

It’s actually very simple. For example, let’s say my hobby is “Vintage Cars”, and I want to “bookmark” or “favorite” a story about the 1958 Cadillac Eldorado. Because I keep a folder of “Classic Cars made in the 1950’s” and a folder titled “Cadillacs”, I want to bookmark my web story about the 1958 Cadillac in 2 places. The 2 places are the following 2 folders, “Classic Cars made in the 1950’s” and “Cadillacs”. When I attempt to do this, the webpage “only” stays bookmarked in the last place I saved it. In this case, that would be the 2nd folder titled, “Cadillacs”. I want it save in “both” places. Your solution is really no solution at all because not only would your idea take an inordinate amount of time, it would be painstakingly slow to do that for every entry I want to bookmark in more than one folder; Furthermore, it would also be impractical and inefficient.

Hi Sal, you can select the folder when you bookmark right!

Its easy but not your way a obviously includes click click click
Bookmark desired page in your “Cadillacs” folder
click the hamburger menu scroll to bookmarked page
right click copy and paste it to desired folder
The bookmark icon beside the url bar is meant for quick bookmarking , editing or organising it as per need
Your use case is appealing but can be confusing for many if one finds duplicate bookmarks here and there

Your tabs are squeezed do you like it ?

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