Please make it possible to 'select' more than one bookmark and export them as 'Internet location files' (pages) into a folder (macOs)

Hello guys,

I need Bookmarks to be converted into web pages (Internet location files) into my folder, just like it’s working when I select only one Bookmark and move it to a folder. This way, it will make it possible to sort out all my bookmarks very quickly into folder, by topic, keyword, etc… for now it’s a nightmare.

This is a must-have feature for me because I currently have 2’000+ bookmarks which I need to export from my Bookmark list in brave => to a folder on my Macbook (Big Sur).

The problem with this version of Brave is => if I do select them all Bookmarks (Cmd + A) or select just more than one Bookmark, it will merge the Bookmarks into a .txt file with all the links inside.

Please add the ability to move all Bookmarks (not as .txt) into the next update pls, it must be very easy to code.