Why can't I do a highlight-shift-select to delete a cluster of bookmarks folders?

It may just be me, but it is absurd and idiotic to me that I can’t do a highlight-shift-select to delete a cluster of bookmarks folders. I have no interest in doing a Control-A and wiping out all my bookmarks or deleting one folder at a time. Is there a highlight-shift-select equivalent in Brave bookmarks to delete a cluster of bookmarks folders to that one can do if they go in there Documents folder in Windows 10, then hit control-click to highlight the first of a cluster of folders that one wants to delete then hit the shift key and scroll to the last of the cluster of folders that one wants to delete and click on that folder while holding the shift key and then hitting delete? Again, I just find it ridiculous and extremely frustrating that there doesn’t seem to be this option available, and I know this option isn’t available in Google Chrome and probably isn’t available in other browsers either.

It is.

You can

Yeah, you click on the checkbox (which is the highlight) then you hold down Shift and click on another checkbox. Everything between gets highlighted, such as below:

We all get frustrated on different things. Like I somehow find it ridiculous and extremely frustrating how many people come and say something isn’t possible when the options are there. It’s just people try in one way and don’t think about the others. I’m assuming you were clicking on the entry and didn’t give it a second thought about clicking a box. Sometimes we just have to slow down and try things. But if nothing else, really should be careful about saying things with absolute certainty.

Actually, it is. Works the same way:

Guess in my little rant here at the end, it’s a suggestion for you and other similar users to not come in and go with attack words. “It’s absurd,” idiotic," ridiculous." Then you make comments of “I know” when it appears you honestly don’t. Instead it’s “I think” or “it appears.”

It would be so much helpful just to say, “I’d like to know how to select a range of bookmarks and haven’t figured out how to do it. Is this possible?” Or something along those lines.

Anyway, I’m just another user who tries to help out here. I’m just venting a bit on frustration from where people are quick to gripe and make accusations that aren’t true. Sorry, as I know might be coming across as hostile. It’s nothing personal and I’m not saying this as rudely as some might read it. I’m just calmly speaking and hoping to make a point. (even though I know people don’t like to have things pointed out, regardless of how nicely you say it)

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