Add a "delete all" option for bookmarks

Please add a “delete all” option for bookmarks. Since I’ve tried the Brave Sync it has duplicated all of my bookmarks. After giving Sync another try, they have been duplicated again. Now I have a very long list on bookmarks which only can be deleted one by one. This is very annoying and costs a lot of time. A “delete all” function would help here a lot. Even besides this Sync bug it would help to clean the bookmarks folder if needed.

To add more functionality it could be a good idea to add a selection feature. For example: “Select” and “Select all” and a option “delete selection” so that more or all bookmarks can be deleted at once.

The problem that you had with duplicate bookmarks etc was a problem that I also had with Chrome. At one point I had about 125,000 of them and nothing that I tried ever got rid of them. That’s why I use Brave now instead of Chrome, but I cannot get sync to work whatever I do. I have Brave as my default browser on my Windows laptop, but cannot import bookmarks on Brave on my Chromebook. I’ve tried all kinds of “solutions”, none of which work. My request for a new feature covers the original post, but all that I need is the bookmarks. Until this problem is solved I have to keep using Chrome on my Chromebook. Is this some kind of feature on Chrome to make transferring to Brave as difficult as possible or is there a work-around? I’d rather use Brave!