Bookmark manager needs "delete all" bookmarks functionality

Not sure if this counts as a bug report, or feature request. Major missing functionality in Bookmark Manager at the very least…

There should be the ability to clear and start over ones bookmarks with either a “delete all” or ability to “select all” (or highlight-shift-select a batch of folders) to then delete. Instead, it seems the only option for clearing bookmarks is to delete one at a time. This is tedious to say the least.

It’s especially an issue for those of us who are really missing the sync feature, and are forced to employ workarounds.

I have a main computer where I add and change bookmarks. Periodically, I’d like to export the new stack of bookmarks out to my other computers – bringing the file over to clear all & import the latest bookmark file in.

This is extremely cumbersome when there’s no “delete all” of the existing bookmarks.

Desktop? You can.

Go to brave:bookmarks > Bookmarks parent folder > Ctrl + A to select all entries including folders in Bookmarks bar > Delete (button or keyboard key).

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Nothing to see here. As you were.
; )

Yes. It’s working now. Thank you.

I know no one will believe me when I say this, so I wish I had taken screenshots, but before when I wrote the post, the delete buttons would grey out when selecting multiple items.

It’s working fine now though, which is great.

Thanks again for the helpful reply with quick how-to video.

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