Why are you not allowing people to register on api.search.brave.com, yet you are allowing people to register on community.brave.com!?

trying to create the account at https://api.search.brave.com/register
After clicking “Register” I get the error message:
" Error logging in
Captcha solution is not valid"

I already tried this 10 times and like what, you are teasing people yet you are not allowing people to register at all?

There is no captcha displaying & nothing is blocked by Adblock.

I found this unanswered topic Captcha issues with Brave Search but hey, using VPN or Tor is one’s right. If you want to prevent abuse just display a CAPTCHA, Blocking entire VPN or whatevs is so damn braindead solution.

To summary my request, please fix your damn website.

@cailloux @jayenbee U use VPN? I always do with NO exception. Turning if off is no-go. Why Brave is not allowing VPN on api.search.brave.com regisration yet allowed on community.brave.com?

We are allowing it — seems like you’re running into a bug of some kind. Let me reach out to the Search team and find out.

Can you tell me what VPN you’re connected to? We were able to register while connected to a VPN without any issue.

Can you also confirm for us that you’re using Brave when you see this behavior or are you using another browser?

Thank you

Search result brought me here. I observed similar result.

  • Mozilla Firefox latest with VPN
  • Mozilla Firefox latest with Tor
  • Tor Browser

Tried all 3 combinations, same result. What is this “Captcha solution” because there is no boxes nor checkmark.

I would suggest that if your “service” is intended for Brave browser and not others (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) just say so instead of blocking with unhelpful “Error” message.

And no, I already disabled Adblocker upon registration.

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