Why am I no longer receiving rewards for viewing adds?

I have had brave for around three weeks, i have earned 0.8 bat, and i have only gotten 16 ads this month. Earning bats takes a long time (for me atleast, and i use my pc several hours everyday). Now it has been around three days since i earned a little bit of bat. I really hope they fix this.

When ads came out in my region I activated them and got ads several times per hour. After a period this stopped and I now no longer receive any ads, although the settings are activated. My current version is 1.4.96 on Windows.

I think maximum ad you see per day is 20 or 21. Although I only get about 10, a few times 11, per day. After than, time you’ll get ads will refresh after 24 hours based on when you got your first ad in the day. Well, that’s what I’ve been experiencing so far.

I just found the solution myself. Apparently the add-on Decentraleyes was preventing adds from showing.

I am a a novice here myself, I encourage you to find as much time as you can getting familiar with Brave’s settings & better, the community.
It’s time well invested. It took me a bit of time to feel comfortable here.
After a month or so I have come to love this browser.
My 2010 imac was driving me crazy and I was ready to trash it and cancel my internet provider.
Now only use Brave, my imac runs cooler, internet is faster,
I don’t use AD Blockers. As they have transitioned to act more like malware, a growing privacy risk. Ad blockers change rapidly.

I found some great links today, I am impressed with Brendan Eich’s short video at:
Want more back ground information?

Essentially, Brave wants to re-imagine how the Internet works: not just on a usability level, but on an economic level. It’s an undeniably radical vision, but you wouldn’t expect any less, given its founding team.

Brendan Eich is the inventor of the JavaScript programming language and co-founded the Mozilla Foundation, which created the popular Firefox web browser.
I hope this helps

Well, we are back to the beginning. Again since a couple of weeks no ads on my Desktop. I removed all extensions accept “I don’t care about cookies” which is really indispensable.
And also on my mobile phone I am no longer getting ads, the browser is not in private mode.

Ads are activated and have been deactivated and reactivated and set to 5 per hour. I have upgrade to the latest version, uninstalled and reinstalled the desktop version. I don’t dare reinstalling my mobile version not to lose my BAT.

And just now, I’ve got an ad on my desktop. The mobile issues still stands.

exactly the same error, always when I try to receive my rewards and the system ask to drag the brave symbol on square, circle, triangle…it fails. Do I am loosing my rewards due to this ???

I have been having the same issue again of not receiving ads. To test I now again deleted all extensions including the previously mentioned “I don’t care about cookies” and ads showed up again.
This is very inconvenient, since I now have to choose between clicking accept cookies on every site I visit again and receive BAT or not doing that and equally not receiving BAT.

Please make BAT rewards work with extensions in Brave.

Mobile issue also still stands, no rewards received for several weeks (5 this month since July 6th, setting is 5 ads per hour) with no apparent reason.

Desktop version on Windows 10:
Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Mobile version on iOS:
Version 1.18.1 (

Update on my issues:

Desktop version:
Version 1.11.101 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)
After removing all add-ons I received 6 ads, then it went dark again. Since it doesn’t seem to matter, and I’m getting crazy for clicking “I accept cookies”, I reinstalled “I don’t care about cookies”

Mobile version:
Version 1.18.1 (
This miraculously sprung into action, and now I have received 37 ads since my last post. Absolutely no logical explanation.


I am missing my Brave ad payments. I can’t seem to find it on my account. I have sent 3 e-mails to Brave support but no one is getting back to me.

Would you kindly check this for me?

Did you verify your wallet? Click on the BAT icon in de browser on the top right and see if it says Wallet verified.
wallet verified

In case you didn’t see this:
Regarding Rewards Support (PLEASE READ)


Yes, my Wallet has been verified for 4 months. I can see that from the browser. I’m just still not receiving any Brave rewards.

Hi! I experience the same problem. I see ads regularly, but the rewards counter remains at 0.0000 BAT all the time. Ads are not counted. What should I do?

As of now, the browser is fine and I can accumulate ad rewards or BATs. The problem is the browser of my phone where I constantly have ads popping in my notification slide. When I click it, the ad wont open. I wasted like 100+ ads now and didn’t earn any single bat in mobile browser. Any help here?

I am using brave browser since last week or may be a few more days and as of today 8th June, 2021, I have started facing this problem. I saw few ads but never got tokens for that, even after waiting for minutes and hours, keeping the browser opened.

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bro at first even i encountered the same thing…But after some use i can say that there is a 30min or 45min break after 2 or 3 or so ads

Even I am facing the same issue.

Same here not receiving any rewards at all.

I downloaded brave on an older PC to see and it is working fine on that PC.