White Screen at launch

Have used Brave now for a week on both my Windows 11 Home pc and Android 12 tablet.
It is, in my opinion, an excellent browser.
It is easy to use and fast.
I will continue to use it on my android tablet but I had to uninstall it on my Windows 11 laptop. When it launches it flashes a white screen for a few seconds before displaying the home page. Everything else works fine but the flashing white screen is rather annoying.
I have read through many posts here about the issue and have tried a couple of things suggested but has so far been unsuccessful in solving the problem.
I’ll try again in a few months to see if it gets fixed.
Otherwise, very nice browser. Keep up the excellent work.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launch Brave from MSI GE75 Raider laptop running Windows 11 Home.

Expected result:
You get a white screen for a couple of seconds before the home page is displayed.
All else works fine.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
What ever the latest version is as of 02/19/2021.
Have uninstalled Brave and gone back to FireFox so cant check the “about brave”.

Additional Information:

If you think it would help, I would be glad to reinstall.

This is what I believe I have based on the fact that I have two video drivers to install.
One is the standard Intel Graphics that comes with most Intel based laptops.
The second is an nVidia 2030.
I dont know if this helps or not.

Version 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

That sounds like a plan, however, I’m not sure how to launch Brave with the other processor.
Is there a syntax or switch at launch that I can use

Thanks for all your help, but there is nothing even similar to “run with graphics processor” that I can find. I will continue to investigate, however, none of the other 3 browsers that I have tried (firefox, opera, edge) dont seem to have the white screen at launch.
Thanks again for your help.

Update: I have 2 drivers installed for my graphics cards. One for Intel and one for nVidia.
The Intel driver gives you the option to specify which program (Brave) gets to use which graphics card. I tried both. Neither had any affect on the white screen at launch.
I’ll keep digging.

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