White blank screen after going back to inactive tab

so I am having this issue where if I leave a tab inactive for an extended period of time, after I refresh that tab I see the content on the tab for a few seconds and then the whole screen just goes white and it doesnt matter how many times I refresh it, it stays white I have it happen some times in just the regular browser but it happens all the time in private browsing. I used to only get it some times but now its happening to like every inactive tab I have. the only thing that seems to fix it is I have to copy the link and post it into a new tab. but other then that it the inactive tab always goes white / blank when reactivated
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open new tab to any website
  2. leave tab inactive for a while (could be a short time or an hour or a day)
    3.tries to refresh content but tab goes blank

Version 1.67.123 Chromium