Brave freezes when trying to run certain websites

As it says in the title, the browser will freeze when trying to run certain sites. Sites I’ve had the most trouble with were YouTube and It doesn’t show the “Brave has stopped responding” popup like it would if it had crashed, rather it just freezes. Audio on YouTube keeps playing but the rest of the browser is unresponsive. I’ve tried every solution, from clearing the cache and browser data, to enabling and disabling hardware acceleration, to uninstalling certain extensions, to completely uninstalling and reinstalling Brave, but nothing seems to fix the issue. Brave Version is 1.50.114. Any help is appreciated

@MaverickAustralis I’m going to toss out some random things for you to try. Some of these steps are just thoughts with no real rhyme or reason, but just seeing it if helps on your device. Others are intentional to test common issues or to collect info that might help figure out what’s causing your problem. It would help if you try each one separately and provide feedback.

  1. Can you have Dev Tools open, which you can do by pressing F12 and see if any errors show under Console when this is happening?

  2. Are you using any firewalls, VPN, or anything? If so, try disabling and see if it has any impact.

  3. If you create a new browser profile, making sure not to add any extensions or anything, does it still have issues? ( I know you tried reinstalling and all, but sometimes it keeps data. So just want to have you test fresh)

  4. Can you try installing Brave Nightly from and see if it happens there as well?

  5. Have you tried checking for driver updates on your device? Especially relating to your graphics card?

  6. Assuming the above have no impact, can you try to go to brave://flags and enable Vulkan?

  7. Assuming Vulkan makes no difference, you can disable and then try to enable Choose ANGLE graphics backend and see if it makes a difference. If not, then disable it and make sure no impact.

Essentially it’s the last two that are kind of random thoughts that I’m unsure if will make an impact for you. That said, they have helped people with similar issues before. It just all comes down to your device. Usually most things are more related to the prior steps.

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I ended up trying some of what you suggested, and number three worked perfectly! As it turned out the cause was either because of a McAfee extension on Brave or a Malwarebytes one, both of which I had installed but both of which I removed. Thank you very much!


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