Which for older intel Mac: Brave-Browser-x64.dmg, -arm64.dmg, -universal.dmg?

Lost self-archived copy of the last Brave installer supported for El Capitan. And would like to replace it. Found the github page, but would like to be sure which .dmg for a late-2009 iMac 10,1 (3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo).

Brave-Browser-arm64.dmg 117 MB Jul 21, 2022
Brave-Browser-universal.dmg 200 MB Jul 21, 2022
Brave-Browser-x64.dmg 123 MB Jul 21, 2022

Don’t want to just assume -x64 for intel Macs (like the one in question), and -arm64 for M1s, and -universal for either.

PS Do indeed realize Browser security has advanced since July.

system report as last running in 10.11.6:
Brave Browser:
Obtained from: Identified Developer
Last Modified: 7/26/22, 3:27 PM
Kind: Intel
64-Bit (Intel): Yes
Signed by: Developer ID Application: Brave Software, Inc. (KL8N8XSYF4), Developer ID Certification Authority, Apple Root CA
Location: /Applications/Brave Browser.app

I don’t have a Mac so take this FWIW, but some brief searching seems to corroborate your assumption. I believe it’s correct.

Thanks. Will give it a tryout when have time, as must have a test 11.6 system image around.

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