WHERE IS ZOOM? Why do updates keep turning Brave Wallet on after I've removed it?

Why do updates keep turning Brave Wallet on after I’ve removed it? The company is aggressive about pushing it and it is just going to create contempt.

There is still NO WAY TO PERMANENTLY HAVE ZOOM on the toolbar like Firefox. I just watched a live broadcast where the user was using a computer that wasn’t their own and were stuck with Brave as the browser and couldn’t figure out how to zoom because it isn’t on the toolbar where it needs to be. Eyesight starts to decline after the age of 40 so everyone reading this will eventually have some issue.

If a wallet icon can be PUT on the toolbar repeatedly Brave can put a “+ 100 -” on the toolbar just like Firefox. People will use this regularly.

SHOW ZOOM but hide the wallet (repeat as daily mantra until corrected). :grinning:

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