Is Brave a bank or a browser?

I can’t put a zoom or anything else on the Brave tool bar… yet there is a Brave Rewards and a Wallet on the toolbar that I can’t get rid of. In fact the Rewards and Wallet seem to be the major focus of the browser, which makes me think of Brave as a banking company more than an internet browser. Whenever this stuff is pushed… my initial reaction will always be a complete rejection of it.

There is also a title bar which I can’t get rid of, well at least not in Brave, I had no problem in my other browser running under Linux . I’ve got one hand only & bad eyes; If Brave can put a magnifying glass on the address bar temporarily then I cannot understand after all this time why they can’t just leave a plus & minus there just like the other browser which I’ve been using for years (without keyboard shortcuts)

What’s with the ugly themeing? Even if I go to the Chrome store the themes are only applied to a tiny area after all my tabs when it should run onto every bar and into the New Tab page instead of the commercial looking photography or the less than attractive blue-purple gradient (I know of the color switcher). If you switch off of the theme you have to hunt it down online again because Brave doesn’t save older themes.

I thought I would switch & that Brave would be my primary browser but I inadvertently discovered that I preferred using that communist browser better (although I still regret donating money to them before I discovered that they were pushing a social engineering agenda masterminded by global financial authorities interested in destroying nations & sovereign peoples to bring them under global control.) :smiley:

Downloading is another issue, I don’ think Brave has a way to do video but every image I download results in an ugly full width bar at the bottom of the browser which I then have to repeatedly close. After closing a dozen times I started to resent it. I don’t have that issue in the other browser because the download arrow changes to notify me and then turns blue until the downloads are reviewed without taking up the screen real estate.

Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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