Where is the browsing data file and bookmark/password folder for brave?

I have a new computer and want to migrate everything from this brave over to the other brave browser on the new computer.

I’ve tried to look this up but none of the things I’ve looked up helps.

I’ve tried sync with a seed phrase and it did nothing.

I’m guessing you did something wrong, like perhaps not marking off on both devices that they should sync the info? It would be nice to verify on that.

Moving the folder over won’t help you. It would be encrypted with no way for you to decrypt it, as it’s browser specific.

If you can’t sync for some reason, then export the info. If you go to brave://settings/passwords you’ll see option to Export from there.

Same with Bookmarks at brave://bookmarks/

Ohhh thanks! Yeah I had to click it for both devices!

Thanks for helping this nooblett out.

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