I want to import my password file into brave

hi this week my fedora system was broken, and i recover all my data with live usb stick including brave data which are login data and the bookmarks, but i have problem with importing the login data file to brave in my new fedora system, i have many important passwords in the login data file please help me.


This post, for Windows, may help you

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there is no something helps me in the link attached with ur post :frowning:

Move the User data folder you saved from your old HDD and copy/paste/replace the User data folder for the new Brave installation.

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ohhhh god my bad, i don’t save the user folder i just save the login data file with the login data for account file so i don’t have the user folder.
so there is now solution using just those two files that i have ?

You can try doing the same thing by replacing that same file in the newly generated User data folder for your new installation but I’m actually not sure if it will work or not. I think that info is encrypted based on the OS it was first installed on.

Still worth a try — let me know what you find out.

it didn’t work bro :frowning:

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