Where is my contributor statement/history?

Where do I see which websites I’ve contributed to in the past and how many BATs each of them got? There used to be a statement somewhere on the Rewards settings page but it has been missing for months.

Hi @2da,

It’s not yet re-implemented for 0.59.x and higher. Logged issue here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/930


their is statement button when log into your acc. log in with link from your email if it expired it will send activation code to ur email clique verifying link

That is too bad. I have no insight into how my BATs are distributed then. Are contributions still limited to only the top ten contributors in my contribution list?

This is only for publishers which is not what I asked about.

Thanks @eljuno for fielding this.

@2da we apologize and totally understand the delay in getting this done is causing some issues from a historical data perspective for you. We had to adjust to a few changes around verified and unverified publisher that caused further delays; as you can tell from the design changes posted in the issue, we had to not only alter how we store, and pull data but the entire monthly summary had to be redefined to adjust to the changes in 0.59. This is already prioritized to land at a very high priority.

The expected landing date for for the monthly summary changes is 0.62. We will do everything we can to land it by then and we will update this thread if needed. Thanks for your patience.


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