Where is clear browsing data in new version?

We had nice possibility to clear cache using More tools → Clear browsing data, but that is gone now. Where? Why?

@Ilib the hamburger menu shortcut no longer exists. You have to go to SettingsPrivacyClear Browsing History to get to the menu now.

It was moved because Chromium moved it, to be precise. But it’s also because people have been complaining about how many things are listed in the hamburger menu. It seems this just consolidated a bunch of things and moved others.

Do note, you can also use the keyboard shortcut to do it. As you did not provide details on which OS you’re using, I can’t provide exact steps to you. But you can go to SettingsSystemShortcuts and you’ll see a list of all shortcuts in Brave. If you search for Clear Browsing Data you’ll see the default keyboard shortcut that will bring up the menu. You can also edit the shortcut and add your own if you’d like.


¸Thanks, but shortcut doesn’t work. I tried to map shortcut to different keys, nothing happens.

@Ilib hmm? It should work unless you have Brave Commands disabled under brave://flags.

What OS are you using and which version of Brave?

Brave commands enabled (default), Win 10 64, up to date v1.59.120

I found it under History (Ctrl+H), that solves my problem

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