Clearing cache shortcut is missing after update

Hello, this is terrible. I know there was a pending update & it must have updated & now I can’t find the clear cache option under more tools.

It was a shortcut I went to every day to clear my cache easily.

Why remove it & where did it go?

Version 1.59.117

Help please

@OurFreeSociety you can use keyboard shortcut if you want. The default one is Ctrl+Shift+Del,. But Brave allows you to customize shortcuts, so you can always edit, add, or remove shortcuts at brave://settings/system/shortcuts


As to why they removed things, I have no idea. Part of it was because people were complaining that the hamburger menu was too crowded. So they moved a lot of things around and some options vanished, such as Clear Browsing Data and Brave Rewards. So now we have to find alternative methods to get to those locations.

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I don’t know, there’s more there now then there was before. sigh

I guess I’ll use the shortcut you gave me. I didn’t even know that existed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

They should have left what is used on a regular basis.

90% of what is there now I have never ever used let alone using a shortcut.

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