Where is all the data stored when Brave Crashes? This makes no sense, read case below

Windows 10 Brave
My motherboard died and I put the old os drive into a new computer. On the new computer it is Drive E. I am trying to get into my last session, probably 500 tabs and a lot of data on site I had been working with for weeks.

I tried opening the program but that didn’t work. Maybe clicked the wrong executable?

So I installed it new on C:. Used it a bit it is working.

I then copied the entire app data local folder from Drive E to Drive C. I also copied all the E:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser files to Drive C. When I opened it was still the last session from the new Brave on C. How is that possible??? All the bookmarks are there, etc but not the session tabs? Where is all that data stored?

How can this issue be reproduced?

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So further looking the case is more weird. All the history info is there. So why is it not loading the last session from the old computer, but rather only the few tabs from the new session. Pretty sure I deleted all those files when I copied over the new files and said replace all in the C: folder. Is there a folder still in there I guess? I guess I should delete everything in these folders before copying and pasting from the old drive?

@Question23 it loses all session data when it crashes, typically. The only thing that remains is the crash report. There’s not typically a way to restore your tabs and all. Sometimes it might still be in your history. And if you had chosen to bookmark your tabs as a tab group, you would be able to find it there. But that’s about it.

Anything not “saved” by you, such as through bookmarks, gets lost with the crash. Anything saved to your profile just would be in your User Data portion of things in your \brave-browser folder.

I could be wrong, but pretty certain that’s how it works. At least wanted to answer on that really quick. I’ll tag in @Mattches in case there’s anything more I might be unaware of.

I don’t think that is how it works. I actually intentionally crash the browser all the time to keep all the windows and tabs. I do that via ctrl alt del and then ending the brave task. Then when you reopen you click “restore”. With that said, where is all the data stored that is correlated with the “restore” popup when you open Brave after a crash?

FYI, this is really time sensitive. Anything someone can come up with in the next 3 hours would be appreciated.

After clicking “restore” All windows and Tabs reopen.

There is no evidence of tab groups or windows in history

I actually figured it out based on another guide. You have to copy and paste the old sessions and sessions storage and delete anything in the existing folders. They all came back as is! When I just copy and pasted all the folders it doesn’t overwrite the existing files which have a different name.

Uhh. Next problem all the passwords are gone. I see that you have to export them…any way to get them with my problem? I don’t see any answers. I cut and paste solution would be great. lol

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