Where are LAST CLOSED/OPEN TABS saved as a file in Brave?

Ok, here is my situation. My win 10 os died, the drive itself is ok, but the OS got corrupted somehow. I started over with a fresh copy of Win10 and I have access to all of the files.
want to get all of my bookmarks , last opened tabs etc from the old win 10 and copy it to the new win 10 brave folder.

I know the files are located in :

C:\Windows.old\Users\name\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default

  1. I can see the bookmark file, got that! Success.
  2. Where is the “last opened tabs?” file(s). NOTE : I don’t close brave when I shut down, so the next time I turn on the computer, my last opened tabs are still available. When my computer OS crashed, I had quite a few open tabs and I want to get back.
  3. Should I copy the entire content from the old Default into the new Default?

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