Where can i find the downloaded videos

I am trying to access the video files I’ve downloaded with brave playlist.

This is not really a issue you can reproduce I think I am just to dumb to find the files or cashe

  1. Idk what to write here

A way to access and extract the video files from brave playlist to my files on my phone

Version 1.46.2 (

iPhone SE 2022 128GB Swiss region iOS 15.5 language German

Please just tell me if there is no way or you don’t want to make a way or even if you don’t want me to access these files

These files are downloaded to the Application support directory which is not Synced or backed up. They cannot be downloaded/extracted/viewed outside of the browser.

Thank you

Can I also ask why I can’t extract or view them outside of the browser is there Anny specific reason ? I’m curious now.

Because of copyrights and all. They have to put in some limitations otherwise people can use it to rip content from places. It’s not like you’re downloading a normal video file that is allowing you to download and keep the video. If that was the option, then it would save directly to your storage or wherever you choose to download. So for videos not readily available to be downloaded, Brave just is giving you the extra ability to watch later when offline.

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Ah yes that makes a lot of sense I was just thinking about YouTube stuff XD so it’s downloading the video in a floder you can’t access so that the copy right won’t get demaged? Thanks for the explanation now I don’t have Anny questions about that Anny more

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